Laminated Wood Flooring

Quick Overview: Constructed using four wear layers, laminated wooden flooring offers an innovative surface structure that boasts of anti-static and sound proofing properties.

Silent Features:
  Abrasion, Flame and Stain resistant
  Easy installation
  Sound proof
  Environment friendly
  Innovative surface structure

Price Range:   60- 150 per sq.ft

Colours Available

Width 15mm-20 mm
Length Variable
Thickness 8mm – 10mm
Applications Residence, Hotels, Resorts, Offices
Innovative and Hygienic

Using scratch guard technology, laminated wooden flooring prevents damage and gives you the semblance of hardwood. The flooring has a long durability because of its four wear layers. The top layer has a sealed surface that prevents microbial growth and makes it scratch and stain resistant. The pattern layer gives the flooring, a beautiful appearance and is constructed with substrate and backing layer that provides water resistance and protection from warping respectively. The wear layers provide the laminated flooring with anti-static and soundproof properties.