Wooden Vinyl Plank Flooring

Quick Overview: PVC laminated Vinyl Plank is contrived to provide enduring and beautiful flooring. It offers a lightweight floor that is resistant to corrosion, water and fire.

Silent Features:
  Water-proof, Damp-proof
  Anti-Slip, Anti-Corrosion, Anti-bacterial
  Fireproof, Soundproof
  Light weight, Formaldehyde free

Price Range:   400- 120 per sq.ft

Type & Composition PVC Laminated Floor covering
Colour Variable shades of Natural Wood
Surface Treatment: PU and Anti-bacterial
Width 184 mm - 950 mm Wide
Length Variable
Thickness 3m2- 5m2
Applications Water-proof, Damp-proof, Anti-Slip, Anti-Corrosion, Anti-bacterial, Fireproof, Soundproof, Light weight, Formaldehyde free, Eco-friendly
Economical and sturdy flooring

Designed to offer a flooring that looks luxurious and yet inexpensive and durable, Vinly flooring evinces as one of the best choices. It is often chosen for high traffic and damp areas, as it is waterproof, damp-proof and has anit-slip, anti-corrosion properties. The surface is treated to provide anti-bacterial flooring. It is constructed using seven layers that can withstand any damage. The environment friendly ceramic bead coating offers you shock resistance, provides a comfortable underfoot area and is free of formaldehyde. It has a bonded vinyl back with layers of solid virgin vinyl that gives you substantial flooring. Its lightweight design reduces the load bearing of high floors along with saving the extra space